RaySan Cockers

RaySan Cockers – Cocker Spaniel breeder (Small hobby).  Mainly breed ASCOBS from light Silvers to deep Reds. Occasionally have both Black and Brown puppies including some with tan points in both Solid and Parti colors.  Ray & Sandy Mathew.  rainbowscreations@yahoo.com.  Ripley, Jackson County, West Virginia (WV).

Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association

Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association – United Kingdom (UK) Added to page http://www.SpanielSearch.com/Countries/United-Kingdom.htm

Aj Kennels

Aj Kennels – Cocker Spaniel breeder.  Various colors & sizes.  Occasional Sables.  Aimee F.  Lonestar1070@aol.com.  (712) 873-5580.  Moville, Woodbury County, Iowa. Updated entry on page http://www.SpanielSearch.com/Iowa.htm

B-Bop Cockers

B-Bop Cockers – Breeder of show quality Buff Silver and Parti American Cocker Spaniels.  Kay Murphy.  Bastrop, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana Updated URL to http://www.bbopcockers.homestead.com/ on page http://www.spanielsearch.com/Louisiana.htm